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New Here? Maybe Need To Refresh Your Memory?

by ScarSkye, 560 days ago

If you are new to us, or a non member of this cite, and would like to check out some of our rules and such, go to the bottom of this post.

If you are here just because you need a reminder on some topics, then all you need to know is right below this text, and under MEMBER LINKS.

  • Everyone in the guild must read the ranking system forum and the rules forum, at the VERY LEAST.
  • Make sure you have signed up as a member before you try and read them or you might not be able to. 

vvv * Member Links* vvv

Our guild rules.      Ranking system and more.      The story behind the guild.

Love to you all~ Your GM



I have added a copy of our story with our rules to a forum that is open to public viewing. For those of you that are here and might be interested in joining, click the link below.

>>> Our story, motto, and rules. <<<

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